Tips to fight Covid-19


Immunity refers to the body's ability to prevent the invasion of pathogens and viral infections.

The Role of Immunity in COVID-19

Our immune system provides non-specific defense against COVID-19 pathogens.

You boost your immunity.

Here are some ways to boost your immunity and fight against the novel coronavirus.

Eat Healthy

A healthy and nutritious diet can enhance the body's immune system and lower the risks of various health issues.


Drinking water reduces toxins and flu/COVID-19 risk.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise improves metabolism and has a direct impact on your body's overall health.

Hygiene Habit

In order to prevent the spread of harmful germs and deadly viruses, it is important to practice good hygiene habits.


Lack of sleep can negatively affect your immune system. Therefore, it is essential to get good sleep to boost it.